Commercial & Township

comercial and township lawn maintenance
Represent your business or township property with high end lawn-care.

The very first thing people lay eyes on when approaching a new business, property or subdivision is the outdoor layout. You can make a fantastic first impression with a sharp and manicured landscape. When things look neat and tidy people will already assume the corporation or town council caring for the grounds will be professional in all other areas as well.

Warrior Landscaping is a perfect match for your large lawn areas encompassing your buildings, township or corporate business. We have cared for many commercial and township properties over the last 8 years with high recommendation. Whether your turf needs weekly lawn mowing & fertilizing or you have overgrown areas that need to be brought back into a sightly manner, we can help with that.

We offer a select few critical services to keep your Commercial or Township property looking its best.

Commercial & Township Services:

Why Choose Warrior Landscaping for your Commercial or Township property?

Warrior Landscaping is a local solo-operated lawn maintenance company. Tim specializes in services to ensure your Lawn is healthy, vibrant and looking its best all season. Servicing Amaranth, East Garafraxa, Mono & Caledon, Warrior Landscaping manages Rural farms, large estate homes as well as retention ponds and parks. Using state of the art equipment with a light footprint allows for a seamless and smooth experience for your grounds, Tim is quiet, professional and personable on the work site. You may not even notice Warrior Landscaping while they are there, but you will certainly enjoy the finished product every single week when they are not, which is perfectly striped lawn patterns with a neat presentation.

If you’d like an estimate for our commercial & township maintenance services please email us at or fill out our online contact form and we'll get back to you right away.