Consultation & Pricing

Our Process for simplicity and success:

As a small local business we take into consideration a number of things prior to pricing out a clients estimate.

1. Fuel pricing & Economic pressures.
2. Location & Drivetime.
3. Parking availability & ease of coming / going.
4. Obstacles & challenges while performing our services.
5. Customer communication requirements.
6. Duration & Difficulty of services.
7. Equipment requirements.
8. Property layout and potential hazards.
9. Safety requirements.
10. Insurance requirements.


We first begin our consultation process with an email thread, here we discuss the following:

a) Your properties location, needs, requirements.
b) Your desired service package.
c) Your optimal day / timing of service.
d) Your questions & concerns.
e) Your payment options.

If we need to visit your property in person to meet with you and walk-around (recommend) there is flat rate of $75.  This can be paid via e-transfer prior to our appointment.

Your in person-consultation includes:

a) A walk-around meet and greet with Tim.
b) A discussion of your properties needs and goals.
c) Any recommendations made by Tim.
d) A personalized estimate emailed to you upon outlining the parameters discussed.


Every property ranges in complexity and requirements, while we do have base rates for estimating purposes, we will tailor them to your specific needs.

Base Rates: (Applies to Rural & Farm, Residential, Commercial & Parks/Rec)

1. Core Aeration & Fertilizing -

$450 - $600 per Acre (included all labor and materials) 

2. Seasonal Lawn Mowing

0.5 - 5 Acres - $150 - $200 Per Acre
5 - 10 Acres - $125 - $175 Per Acre flat rate

3. Field & Bush Hogging

0.5 - 5 Acres - $200 - $400 Per Acre
5 - 10 Acres - $150 - $300 Per Acre

Note: These are base rates and will be adjusting accordingly to your property.